Tarril Dog Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear:


Dogs of all breeds are accepted for boarding both for short-term and long-term stays. Each dog has a kennel to himself (or herself), leading to a covered run where he can communicate with other dogs, separated by a strong galvanised mesh. We can operate the pop-hole shutter from the outside, which means we do not have to “force” ourselves upon any dog who wishes not to be handled by anyone but his owner. We stand on four acres and your dog with be exercised morning and evening on a slip collar and flexi lead.

Bitches in season are quite safe here and do not have to be confined indoors, although they will be housed away from any males who could be upset.

Small breeds are kept as neighbours and we make every effort to ensure that all dogs are compatible with the ones “next door”. Very strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness are kept here and our mature and experienced staff will do everything possible to make your pets stay with us comfortable and happy.

We are always aware that house dogs are used to a higher temperature at home and walk on carpets indoors. We therefore carpet the interior of the kennel in cold weather and we also have background music which dogs used to the television or radios at home do appreciate.

Special menus can be catered for. Our normal feed is of raw minced tripe, wholemeal biscuit and egg but we always have fresh chicken and a variety of tinned food.

There is no need to bring anything as we will provide bedding for your dog in the form of vet-bed.

We can groom, clip or bath your dog while he is here. Just ask the kennel staff to arrange it.

As breeders of top-class stock ourselves, you may be sure that we will care for and care about your dog while he is with us, whatever breeds or combination of breeds he may be.

While we get very fond of the dogs and cats left with us, we regret we cannot keep any dog that is not collected within a month of the date agreed and paid for.

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